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  • AXE THROWING IS ONLY FOR A FEW WEEKS A YEAR!!!    Here at X we always had some world records when it comes to hostels: The hostel with the largest number of people getting tattooed with its name The first hostel with Escape Rooms And now the first hostel with an Axe Throwing Arena!      And here is what a news channel reported about us: And our small teaser as promo:   Axe Throwing is fun, it`s a sport and a great way to spend some hours with friends. In many states this activity is used a lot for team buildings and it is a favorite for stag does and bachelorette parties. At the beginning no axe stays in the

  • All starts on a long backpacking journey that brought me to Australia, New Zealand and then South East Asia when I was 21 years old. I then got myself to Beijing and taking the Transmongolian  train for a week I got to Moscow. From there to Riga, Ireland and finally back home to Italy. I had mainly stayed in hostels and camp grounds and even if it wasn't my first time in such kind of accommodation I knew that was what I wanted to do once I got back to Europe. I simply felt I had to try it. Most travelers in their early 20`s talk about opening a hostel or a bar abroad, its a nice dream. I like

  • So you’ve traveled all the way to Bucharest and even if your experience has been amazing you still feel the need for a change of scenery we have a secret for you: leaving will be hard... not because of that beauty you met in the club or the friends you left at X Hostel... it`s more about the land transport infrastructure. So get ready for an adventure! TIP: Most trips take loooooooong. Buy some food, bring water and a lot of patience. Buses but especially trains are a great opportunity to see the countryside and to meet other interesting travelers. Never plan too far ahead nor believe the arrival time, just enjoy  the journey; bring a good book or enjoy

  • Being half Irish it is my duty to host a party to prove stereotypes are often true: we drink, we are fun and we can party. See the event on facebook HERE Bring your leprechaun looking friends, wear your greenest outfit and join us for a great night. Jameson Whiskey and Ursus Premium (we don`t have Guinness but it`s bottle is green) wll be discounted for the whole night. We will have Irish drinking songs playing throghout the evening. Bring your instruments and join in! What better way to spend Saint Paddy`s day than  to make new friends and be merry? Remember: we don`t get drunk, we get more Irish!

  • Day trips from Bucharest Brasov and Bran Castle Brasov is a town about 2/3 hours from Bucharest in the heart of Transylvania. The town and the castle are the most popular places to take a day trip to from Bucharest. There is an authentic old town and it's also the place to access the ski resorts. When you're there you can see: The Black Church Rope Street Catherine’s Gate Tampa Mountain Only 30 km away from Brasov is Bran Castle, of the most beautiful castles in Romania, also known as 'Dracula's Castle'. You can get there by city bus or car. Constanta Constanta is a popular resort town on the shores of the Black Sea, and is one of the

  • Bucharest is the ultimate destination for travelers on a budget, as well as being a super affordable city, there are an abundance of things to do, completely free! - Free walking tours With Walkabout Tours you can see centuries of history with a knowledgable local guide. Visit famous churches, see ruins and learn about Bucharest's colourful history in a fascinating 2.5 hour tour. Tours leave every day at 15:00 from Unirii square. - Casa Popolurui (Parliament Palace) Visit the second largest municipal building in the world, and the heaviest building in the world. You can enter the building for a fee, however it is worth the visit just to walk the perimeter and see the sheer size of Nicolae Ceausescu's