Bucharest and Romania Festivals 2017 Traveling is about you!

Mar 09, 2017

Travelling is not all about sightseeing, traditional food, specific folk music or taking selfies in front of majestic buildings or famous statues; sometimes travelling is about you!


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Maybe you want to go to Paris and buy a 75 ml channel no. 5 perfume bottle or have dinner in a fancy restaurant and go back home, or you plan a trip to Mexico just to visit The Frida Khalo museum and then… go home the next day. You see…it’s not compulsory to visit each and every famous place in a city, you just need to go with the flow and Really enjoy your holiday.

I guess the most important thing when travelling is mingling with the people, looking at how they live, hear their stories, laughing with them, and try to tune into each countries specific humor. Probably the best way to get to know locals is to go where there is plenty of them: FESTIVALS!

I love my country and this is why I’m going to talk about a few festivals in Romania and Bucharest that are worth taking part in. Romanians are cheerful , talkative and very funny so you will feel the Romanian vibe at first hand, especially at festivals.

First on my list is the Medieval Festival which takes place in Sighisoara on 29-31 of July. Sighisoara was Inhabited by the Transylvanian Saxons and kept an authentic medieval atmosphere that resides in its citadel. If you want to see a medieval fortress in its full blossom than be there in July. The spring colors will race the themed ones, which means those of the  medieval dresses, jewelry, crafts, braided locks, traditional desserts. Girls dress up as medieval ladies and boys as knights, everything is so peaceful and merry! You can rent or even buy the costumes. Keep in mind it is not mandatory to dress up! What can you do at the festival? Once you entered the citadel you can enjoy medieval concerts, dances, chivalry contests; buy jewelry and clothes made by craftsmen or just drink a couple of cold beers in the narrow streets. Some youngsters might come talk to you and predict your future or you can even have a fake wedding with contracts and all. Relax its just a fake one!!!

If you are like me be prepared to spend a lot of money on hand made jewelry and clothing, its really beautiful and the fabric for clothing is usually velvet, cotton or even silk. So, if you want to leave behind Facebook, viber, WhatsApp, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, this fairy-tale town awaits all travelers who believe in knights and their princesses!


The next festival I recommend is something really smart, but then again organizing this kind of festivals should be common sense!! SOUNDART is an outdoor event which connects every form of art. In the very same place you can watch live concerts, see  new book releases,  artsy workshops and exhibitions. SOUNDART Festival takes place in Bucharest on 4th-7th of May in Quantic Club. It can’t be too bad: bringing together literature, live music and painting…  Why waste time on 1 exposition when you can have all forms of art in the same place. Romanian people are really bright and quite fascinating, we speak many foreign languages and having foreigners for a symposia would be a thrill for us! Why get bored, when you can get smart! Dress and think nerdy!


Are you a Movie Freak? Then you should be present at Transylvania International Film Festival, which takes place in Cluj Napoca, 2-11.06. It’s the most important international feature film festival in Romania. Throughout the years TIFF’s Lifetime Award was given to acclaimed figures such as Sophia Lauren, Nastasia Kinski, Vanessa Redgrave, Catherine Deneuve, Franco Nero. I`m sure these names convinced you on how important this festival is. This Transylvanian film festival encourages all movie genres that have convincing plots and also peculiar current themes such as sexuality, ethnicity, current social problems, family and man-woman relationship. You can be a volunteer at this special event or be a part of it once you buy a ticket.

These are the numbers for TIFF 2016

79 000 tickets

248 selected films from 64 countries

400 screenings

1100 attending filmmakers, actors, distributors, sales agents, producers, and festival programmers

250 attending journalists

330 volunteers


See you there, for I am sure to be there!



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