Day trips from Bucharest

Mar 13, 2017

Day trips from Bucharest

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Brasov and Bran Castle

Brasov is a town about 2/3 hours from Bucharest in the heart of Transylvania. The town and the castle are the most popular places to take a day trip to from Bucharest. There is an authentic old town and it’s also the place to access the ski resorts.

When you’re there you can see:

  • The Black Church
  • Rope Street
  • Catherine’s Gate
  • Tampa Mountain

Only 30 km away from Brasov is Bran Castle, of the most beautiful castles in Romania, also known as ‘Dracula’s Castle’. You can get there by city bus or car.


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Constanta is a popular resort town on the shores of the Black Sea, and is one of the oldest towns in Romania. It is easy to reach by public transport and is a great place to visit in summer to beat the heat.

Be sure to head up the Minaret Tower for great views of the city.

Other things to do in Constanta

  • Constanza casino
  • The Greek church
  • Genoese lighthouse
  • The Museum of national history
  • The House with Lions
  • Carol I Muslim Mosque
Wallachia and the Real Dracula’s Castle
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One of the best day trips from Bucharest is Wallachia and the ‘real’ Dracula’s Castle.

The Poenari Castle, currently in ruins, is the real home to Vlad the Impaler. Vlad, or ‘Dracula’ who used it as his fort.

The castle is located in the foothills of the Fagaras mountains, close to Curtea de Arges, one of the oldest and most historically important towns in the area. You can easily visit both the castle and the town in the same day.

This day trip is quite far from Bucharest so be sure to leave early so you have the whole day to spend there.

Transfagarasan Highway

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The Transfagarasan highway is a road originally built for Military and National Security purposes, but today it exists as a scenic 150km route up and over the Carpathian mountain range in Romania.

Top Gear called it the most beautiful highway in the world for its scenic views and natural beauty.

It’s possible to get a guided tour however the best way to explore is to drive yourself. Please note the highway is only open during the summer months.

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