International Bus and Train info from Bucharest: time and price

Mar 16, 2017

So you’ve traveled all the way to Bucharest and even if your experience has been amazing you still feel the need for a change of scenery we have a secret for you: leaving will be hard… not because of that beauty you met in the club or the friends you left at X Hostel… it`s more about the land transport infrastructure.

So get ready for an adventure!Image result for romanian horse and cart

TIP: Most trips take loooooooong. Buy some food, bring water and a lot of patience. Buses but especially trains are a great opportunity to see the countryside and to meet other interesting travelers. Never plan too far ahead nor believe the arrival time, just enjoy  the journey; bring a good book or enjoy some music if you are not a people`s person.

Romanian railroad system offers trains to the main capitals of the neighboring countries as well as a few of the cities with seasonal activities.

SECRET: Bucharest does not have one bus station… many are scattered throughout the city. Good luck finding the right one…

Bulgaria has two main destinations. Its capital city Sofia and the seaside resort Varna where our other X Hostel is.

For Sofia there is one train available daily that leaves from the North Train Station (Gara de Nord) daily at 12.45. The fee for this trip is 100 RON (22.22EUR). 

There is also a bus available daily from the Filaret Bus station located centrally in Bucharest daily from 6:30 , 13:00 . 16:00 and 22:30. The ticketing system on the bus works on a first come first served basis and can be acquired after boarding from the driver for 120RON (26.6EUR).Image result for romania by bus

When it comes to Varna there is a daily train leaving North Train stations daily from 12.45 with a rate of 100 RON (22.22EUR) but we recommend the early morning buses that leave a few times a week at  7am from Piata Constitutiei (in front of the Parliament): it takes about 5 hours.  

TIP: To be walking distance to X Hostel Varna get off at the St Konstantin i Elena stop just before Varna city.

For all bus timetables use this site.

Other popular destinations from Bucharest include the capital of Hungary: Budapest . The availability of trains for this route is ampler and includes a sleeping variant upon request. There are two options when it comes to securing a ticket – buying it on the spot or making a telephone booking. With the booking option the price becomes lower.

Available trains are daily from 5:45 14:00 17:45 21:25. With a booking their prices is 135RON (30EUR) for a seat or 180RON(40) for a sleeping car.  Without a booking the price becomes 210RON(46.66EUR) and 290RON(64.44EUR) respectively.


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SECRET: if you book non refundable and non changeable tickets with a few weeks in advance you can save about 40% of the ticket!

In order to reach the Serbian capital, Belgrade, there is a train at 21:25 daily. Its price is 130RON(28.88EUR).

For the capital of Moldova, Chisinau, there are daily buses from 8 in the morning hourly and a daily train from the North Train Station at 19:15 for the price of 133RON(29.55 EUR).

When it comes to trains that do not travel internationally there is a wide array of options to reach every major city in the country.


Brasov – there are trains running almost every hour of the day and a few more during the night. Depending on the duration of the trip their prices are either 24RON(5.21EUR) or 48.5RON(10.5EUR).

Cluj Napoca – At the moment there are five daily trains to the capital of Transylvanian – 06:00 12:15 16:25 18:45 and 22:00. The price ranges from 90 to 100RON(20EUR to 22.22EUR).

Constanta – In order to get to the main seaside hub you’ll need to take one of the 8 daily available trains. They start early in the morning with the last one leaving North Train Station at 20:20. Price wise the trip is close to 60RON(13.33EUR).

TIP: for most train schedules click here .

Romanian train schedules:


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