Only hostel worldwide with an Axe Throwing Arena! (Only few weeks per year!)

Apr 07, 2017



Here at X we always had some world records when it comes to hostels:

And now the first hostel with an Axe Throwing Arena!


And here is what a news channel reported about us:

And our small teaser as promo:


Axe Throwing is fun, it`s a sport and a great way to spend some hours with friends.

In many states this activity is used a lot for team buildings and it is a favorite for stag does and bachelorette parties.

At the beginning no axe stays in the target but by the end of an hour everyone will get a bunch of bulls-eyes.

It takes just a little practice. You dont have to be strong and you dont need any previous experience, just come and play. You will love this new experience not only throwing around axes, ninja stars and knifes but also the challenge and primordial pleasure of handling a weapon.

Its a game for all, boys and girls, young and older, fit or comfortable.

It is very safe and you will be supervised at all times. We also can organize little leagues and we help keeping the score and by giving you tips on how to achieve the perfect throw.

Come to X Hostel Bucharest & Central Guesthouse to try out Axe Throwing – Dacian Rules

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