Mar 07, 2018

One of the best ways to visit a city by night is with a Pub Crawl:

You have a local guide to show you around so you dont have to guess which place is good or fun, you dont get ripped off and you dont get lost.

You meet new like-minded people who want to have a good night out and it is the safest way to get drunk as the group usually takes care of one another.

Price is 10 Euro and includes:

  • 5 places to party – no entrance fee
  • 5 shots or 4 shots and a pint of beer
  • A friendly, English speaking guide for all night

Pub Crawls are not on regular days. Do not just show up even if you fill in the form: YOU NEED A CONFIRMATION FROM the organizers!


Depending on requests and people confirmed. Usually they have a minimum of 8 people in each pub crawl. The biggest pub crawl was of 68 people all from our X Hostel!

Pub Crawl usually start at 9.30 pm at our X PUB in X Hostel Bucharest where you can choose to have a draft beer or a shot.


All bars, pubs, clubs are at walking distance from the meeting point. Usually


You have to be over 18 years old to join!

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