Top tips for shopping in Bucharest

Mar 04, 2017

Shopping in Bucharest is an experience not to be missed out by any visitor of Romania’s Capital. There are plenty of shopping centers, supermarkets, open-air markets, fashion boutiques, stores, antique, art and souvenir shops, malls and bookstores which cater for a large range of shopping tastes and needs.

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Malls and shopping centers in Bucharest

Bucharest `s Malls and shopping centers stand out as, perhaps, the most rewarding and complete shopping opportunities, guaranteeing clients that nothing between famed designers clothes and foodstuff is left out.


Unirea Shopping Center  – is situated downtown, near the Old City (Old Town) on Unirii Square (metro station Unirii).  There are 250 shops to choose from.

Here you can find:

  • large fashion stores, especially in the ground floor, such as H&M, Zara, New Yorker, etc.
  • Restaurants in the food court of the top floor and some well-known fast-food chains such as  Mc Donald’s and KFC.                                                        

However, if shopping is one of your favourite activities and you are the type of person who likes to check every store before taking a buying decision, you might want to try Bucharest’s larger shopping mall, which is AFI Palace Cotroceni, situated in the western area of the town, not far from the

city centre (20 minutes by car from Universitatii Square or Polytechnica metro stop).

Here you can find:

    • International fashion stores such as H&M, Zara,Nike, Benvenuti, Bershka, etc.
    • restaurants: Hot Grill Studio, Ninotto, Pizza Bonita, Gusto Dominium etc and some well-known fast-food: Mc Donald’s and KFC.


  • Cinema: Prices for a 3D movie is about 8 eure and 6 euro for 2D.



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Supermarkets and Markets in Bucharest


Besides the supermarkets located within the major shopping centers and malls in Bucharest, there are plenty of other supermarket options which complement the comprehensive picture of grocery shopping opportunities in Bucharest, like the Mega Image or Billa you find on every corner.

Carrefour  Unirii – commercial complex located behind Unirea Shopping Center  working hours : 24 hours

Obor Market – A few big market halls where you can find almost everything…food, products, groceries,fish, vegetables, fruits, wines or spirits,books, jewels,clothes, toys, fishing rods and baits, electronic products.
Big set of traditional embroidery. Vector illustration of ethnic seamless ornamental geometric patterns for your design

Souvenir and folk art shops in Bucharest

Understandably, foreign tourists might want to purchase something to remind them of their stay in Bucharest. Traditional souvenirs and folk art works are ideal in this respect. There are plenty of shops scattered throughout Bucharest who cater for this category of tourists, especially within the major shopping centers, but not exclusively.


Souvenir Shop- Old Town

A piece of Romania to take back home:

Traditional ceramics, Embroidered traditional blouses, Ceramic figurines, Traditional wood art, Fridge Magnets, I love Romania kind of T-Shirts, Postcards, calendars/ Badges, pins, Photo Albums, Travel Guides, Maps and much much more….

Cărtureşti CarouselOld Town

 It’s a place where you can find time for relaxation and also buy some nice items besides books: chocolate, gifts, wine, toys and so on.

Located on 55, Lipscani street, the bookstore is comprised of six levels totaling 1000sqm. Cărtureşti Carousel is a living experiment in the old cultural center offering a space for reading, socializing and artistic exploration in the heart of the city. A bistro on the top floor, a basement and a multimedia space dedicated to contemporary art gallery on the first floor, the library is preparing to tell a new story in a street with a vibrant commercial tradition.


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