X Hostel Varna is for Sale: who wants a dream job?

Aug 28, 2017

Did you ever dream of owning a hostel? Now you can make this dream come true!

After 10 years of parties, friendships, madness and experiences we are ready to pass on the business to someone who has the energy and enthusiasm to lead the party army into Golden Sands, to organize trips to the hot sprints and throw meat on the BBQ.


Our 42 bed Hostel started in 2008 and the reason we are selling is that Chris, the current manager partner, is relocating back in the USA with his family while the other owner (me) is busy with other businesses in Romania.

There are 2 options for buying:

– 100% and make it into another hostel (you will be allowed to market it as X Hostel if you pay a fee): we sell everything we have there; the lease, furniture, firm, categorization, licensing etc. We transfer all to the new buyers, we can provide training and meet with landlord, accountants and notary for a smooth transacion.

– 49% of the shares and it can continue being `X Hostel Varna`. So you will buy in with the same conditions as Chris had: salary and accommodation.

You can come visit the hostel that will operate for another month this season.

More information about the selling price and our past profits, cost and expenses will be through private messages:

One of the unique features and major advantage is the special feel you get once you enter the gate: the hostel has an outdoor bar/restaurant area fully immersed in a green and exotic garden.

In these 10 years we appeared in many blogs, news publications and guidebooks including Lonely Planet. We are globally renowned as a party hostel:

CNN Travel lists us in the TOP 10 party hostels worldwide

We have over 150 guests and staff tattooed with our X:

We are located between Varna and the resort of Golden Sands. In Golden Sands we have a deal with the main event organizers: we sell tickets at the hostel for pub crawls, foam parties, clubs, singles and uv parties, boat parties etc.

Hostel was seasonal May to October with a mix of private and dorm rooms.

Here some links you will find useful:



Online you will find a lot of pictures, comments and reviews of our past decade of operations.


We are looking forward to find a new enthusiastic owner for our hostel.

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